Easy App Reports

Easy App Reports

Still handling CSVs manually? You deserve better.

Visualize your Google Play & App Store data on Data Studio. No coding required. Build the dashboard of your dreams. Free up your time so you can focus on your app's growth


πŸ”’ Built-in Data-Privacy. GDPR compliant.

βœ“ 30-day Money-Back Guarantee


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Extracting your App Stores data can be quite a headache... 😣

  1. Dealing with multiple CSV files
  2. Lots of copy/pasting from different platforms
  3. Manually cleaning broken cells on Excel
  4. High human error risk
Our customers reported to be spending between 16-24 hours per month managing CSVs 😱

The way out πŸ’‘

Ditch those lame CSVs πŸ’©

Fetch data automatically from Google Play Console and App Store ConnectΒ so you don’t have to copy/paste data for your app reports, analysis and dashboards ever again.

Things you can do with Easy App Reports

Kick-off the day by visualizing your app's most relevant metrics
Have a clear view on your revenue (in any currency you want)
No more jumping between tabs and re-applying filters to find the metric you're looking for
Identify growth opportunities in a glance
Automatize your weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
Build best-in-class App Marketing reports
Blend other data sources to unlock even more powerful insights

Potential obstacles to be aware of ⏱ When you first connect your data it will take a few minutes to load. But don't worry: after its downloaded for the first time it gets much faster. πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ There will be a learning curve if you never used to Data Studio before. We do provide templates and email support to help you with any obstacles you're facing

Who was it built for?

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Entrepreneurs looking for a clear view on revenue and growth

πŸ‘” Agencies and consultants looking for ways to automatize reports for clients and visualize lots of data in one place

πŸ€“ ASO experts looking for ways to see if their optimizations are paying off

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Marketing and Product folks that wants to track their growth and spot opportunities on the fly

The Product πŸ‘€

🀯 Unlimited Apps You'll be able to visualize data from all apps under your developer account

πŸ›  Supported Platforms iOS, Mac and Google Play Apps

πŸ—“Β Data Availability

Google Play: all time

Apple: last 12 months (we store it for you so you can have more in the future)

See some of our
Real-life dashboard examples

What you can import with our connectors

🍎 App Store Connect

▢️ Google Play Console


  • App Units
  • In-App Purchases
  • Updates and re-downloads
  • Developer Proceeds
  • Impressions**
  • Product Page Views**
  • Conversion Rate**
  • Revenue**
  • Avg Revenue per User**

**metrics available by late July


  • App
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Device
  • Category
  • Subscription Type
  • Developer


  • Acquisition
    • Installs, uninstalls, upgrades, active devices
    • Store listing visitors, Store listing conversion rate, Store listing acquisitions
  • Subscriptions
    • New, cancelled & active
  • Sales and Earnings
    • Buyer and merchant value and currency
  • Ratings, Reviews and Cancellation Reasons
  • Crashes


  • Package Name (App)
  • Country
  • Traffic Source
  • Search Term
  • Tracked Channels (UTMs)
  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Review Title and Text
  • Cancellation Reason

Also includes:

β˜‘ Data Studio report template

β˜‘ Support via Email and Chat

β˜‘ Documentation (new updates every week)

⏩ What's in our roadmap for this quarter?

New App Store metrics Product Page Impressions and Views, Conversion Rate, Cohorts, Sources, Avg Revenue per User, Ratings and Reviews.

Apple Search Ads Integrations

All your campaign's ASA data now finally available with your App Store insights.

We know a thing or two about growing apps and building software

Photo from the last time we were together in SΓ£o Paulo back in 2018.
Photo from the last time we were together in SΓ£o Paulo back in 2018.
Luis and I met in 2012 when we found Eyso - one of the first ASO tools to ever exist. After generating millions of organic downloads for our clients, we stumbled upon this data problem with the app stores. Luis has 21 years of experience building software, while I have 12 years working on Product and Marketing, mostly growing apps. Now we're working together once again to fix what's definitely one of the most annoying problems in the App Industry: a total lack of control and transparency over our own app's data.

πŸ§”πŸ½ Luis Specian - πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» RΓ΄mulo Gomes

πŸ€” Questions we get a lot


What kind of support do you offer? Our main support channel are email and chat. We can also do troubleshooting calls if needed. In parallel, we're constantly working on new guidelines, tutorials and templates to make the service as self-service as possible.


Do you have [fill the blank] field from the App Store or Google Play? You can check or full list of fields for App Store or Google Play doc pages. If you don't find what you're looking for, please submit a feature request.


Will my data be sold or re-purposed for something else? Absolutely not as you can read in our Privacy Policy. We make your data available to yourself and that's it.


How often do I need to press a button refresh the data? You don't have to. Our software takes care of that ;)


How often is the data refreshed? As we use the official sources - Apple's API and Google Cloud - your data will be available as soon as it's published by them.


Why don't you offer a free trial?Putting it shortly, we simply don't believe going freemium would work for us. We could go there, but we're not into the business of reselling data or building public market reports. That's the inevitable direction of freemium products like this one. We just want to people like ourselves to have access to their own data and that's it.

What else would you like to know? Drop us a line or ping us on the chat.