How to find your Vendor ID, Issuer ID, Key ID and Auth Key

Generating your Key ID, Auth Key and Issuer ID on App Store Connect

  1. Go to "Users and Access"
  2. Click on Generate API Key
  3. image

  4. Set a name for your API key and give it the "Sales and Reports" access
  5. image

  6. Well done! Now you just need to copy your Key ID and download your API Key
  7. image

  8. Your Issuer ID should be visible on the same page (see bellow)
  9. image

Finding your Vendor ID

  1. Go to Payments and Finnance
  2. You should be able to see your Vendor # on the top left side (see bellow)
  3. image

Now that you have all those numbers you're good to go 🤘


"What if I can't generate an API key"

If you can't see the button to generate an API key that means you don't have the right access level. You'll need to ask someone on your company with a higher access level to grant you such permission.

Just ask that person to grant you "Marketing" and "Access to Reports" roles 😉