5-second Data Studio tips

🤓 Field types and aggregation

  1. If any of your conversion rate numbers look unformatted (for example "240" instead of "24%", try setting the metric as an "average" or "median" on the default aggregation.
    1. Also, don't forget to set the field as a "percent" instead of a "number"

❞ Naming conventions

  1. Always customize the name your data sources and templates otherwise you'll get lost very fast.
  2. For our Google Play connectors for example, we use "G - REPORTNAME". That makes it super easy to spot what's what - eg. "G - 💰 Subscriptions"
  3. You can also use emojis to give a twist to the name of your reports and data sources but also to make it easier for you to distinguish them

➗Calculated metrics

  1. You can subtract "Cancelled Subscriptions" from "New Subscriptions" to see what's your daily overbalance of subscriptions
    1. Alternatively, you can divide one by the other to get a proxy for your churn rate