3 things to know when connecting your App Store to Data Studio for the 1st time

With our tool, you can finally take control over your data and build all those cool visualizations you always dreamed of. All in real time. No CSVs. Just peace of mind and lots of time to focus on doing some actual work.

So connecting your account for the first time is an exciting moment, but one that can come with some pitfalls if certain expectations aren't clearly stated.

Despite all the hard work we're doing, some obstacles are inevitable. As a consequence, your first experience with our tool in terms of loading speed can be sub-optimal. We acknowledge that.

But, as incredible as it seems, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Don't worry, I'll explain.

Also, we want to share exactly what happens behind the curtains. It's your data after all so we believe you deserve to know exactly how it's processed and displayed to you.

So here's a short list of things you need to know in order to have the best possible experience with our connector:

#1: Your data will take a while to load

That's because it's fetching your data from Apple for the very first time and your data isn't cached yet (we take care of that for you).

#2 Download one month worth of data at a time

Why is that: Apple provides one csv for each different day. So if you're fetching data from the last 30 days, that's 30 different CSVs that need to be downloaded and then sent to you on Data Studio. If you consider all this, actually this process is quite fast and not slow at all.

โš ๏ธ If you attempt to download too much data at once right at the beginning your account might get temporarily blocked.

โœ… In the other hand, after its downloaded for the first time, the data is cached. That significantly boosts the loading speed of your dashboards and enables you to freely use your data.

#3 Apple limits your API data to 365 days, that's a big bummer

But, after you connect to our service, we keep store it on an encrypted database. That's a huge long-term advantage as you'll now be able to actually play with that data even after Apple archives it.

"What happens if I already tried to download loads of data on my first experience with the tool"

Don't worry, the war isn't lost.

First of all, reduce the amount of charts you have in your dashboard. That'll reduce the amount of requests made to the API.

Secondly, reduce your date range to one week, and slowly increase that period as you see that the data is being displayed again.

If you can't download a single new line of data, we recommend you to wait a few hours, or even a whole day, and start again.


We're thankful for your patience in this process. As an entrepreneur myself, going slow is never what I have in mind. I share your excitement of using such a tool for the first time. We promise it's just a small delay, one that will be compensated once your data is downloaded and cached.

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| Published at Jun 19, 2021